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for many of my designs on lots of different items! T-shirts, laptop covers, clocks, and plenty more!

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where many of my originals are for sale.
If you cannot find what you're looking for, please contact me via the Contact link.

Your House in Fabrics or Pen and Paint?

Do get in touch with me to have your house reproduced in pen-and-paint or in fabrics! Not only are these drawings, paintings or Fabrications fabulous to hang on your wall, you may also wish to use the image to print cards, letterheads or many other personalised items!

I have post cards and folded cards (blank inside) available of much of my work. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any.

Make your own bags, cushions, folders in patchwork or applique. Some of these are one afternoon, while others take a number of sessions. It all depends on what you would like to make. Do get in touch via this website, by emailing me on Esthervanoostrum [at], or by giving me a ring on 01403 272978.

I support Medical Detection Dogs and donate the proceeds of my work. Medical Detection Dogs have two branches, both based on a dog's incredible sense of smell. One branch is about training dogs to help people with life-threatening health conditions, the other involves dogs helping scientists identify the odour of cancer, with a view to develop an e-nose so that early, reliable, non-invasive screening becomes a reality. And at the moment MDD train dogs to identify the odour of Covid-19 with a view to identify people with the illness. See for full information.

Today's treatments are possible because of yesteryear's fundraisers; I help the next generation like the previous one helped me - and all those others who have been given similar diagnoses.