Welcome to 'Life in patches'

Welcome to LifeInPatches!

A few words on the background of it all:

I have always played with fabrics and made all sorts of things, decorative items being the most enjoyable. I have also always enjoyed pen-and-ink and paints, and at one point I was wondering if I could achieve a paint-like effect with fabrics. Playing with colour intensities gave an exciting effect – see my abstract work. This in turn led to Patchwork Portraits. These were such fun to do, but to allow the viewer to recognise the faces it was also quite limiting as it’s impossible to put in any detail. Moving away from patchwork and into appliqué, I started creating houses. And then cars. And then bicycles, and then dogs. And practical items like bags.

All this work takes hours and hours but it is also extremely enjoyable, as is selling it and talking to people about my work.
The time factor means it is hard to put a price on things. This in combination with a health dip a few years ago made me decide that rather than try to get rich through Art, I would donate any proceeds to the innovative charity Medical Detection Dogs. There has been anecdotal evidence for many years that dogs can identify the smell of disease, something for which there is now hard evidence. MDD works with this incredible ability to discover, amongst other things, what it is that dogs smell with a view to develop a simple but reliable test to help diagnose cancer.

I would be delighted to design your house, car, or dog in fabrics; please get in touch via the 'contact me' page, or email Esthervanoostrum@aol.com. In the meantime, enjoy browsing my website!