Welcome to 'Life in patches'

Vibrant colours are central to most of my work. Colours and patterns play together to depict a familiar image in a new way; see, for instance, the houses in the Architectural Textile section. While these images are instantly recognisable, others have had a more abstract approach; clashing and contrasting and complementary colours work together in the patchwork portraits.

Since 2013 I have donated the proceeds of this work to Cancer Research UK to help fund research into causes of, and cures for the disease, and I will continue with this until I reach the magic amount of £25,000 - which I have just achieved! I reached a total of £25,037! A big thank-you to all those lovely people who bought my work! I'm looking at the next charity to support... I'll make a decision soon!

I would be delighted to design your house in fabrics, or to make your patchwork portrait. Prices for this individual work are from £250. Or you might like to try your hand at making patchwork bags; please get in touch via the 'contact me' page, or email Esthervanoostrum@aol.com. And don't forget, ALL monies will go towards the 25K aim!

Esther Clark